How to create your own blog on Youtube?

Millions of views, thousands of subscribers, recognition, and of course, dollar revenues from maintaining your channel are the main factors by which many filmmakers launch their blog (or “vlog” – video blog). This article is about new YouTuber. Wefilmpeople.com will consider the first steps in launching your blog on YouTube. So, if you are looking for: how to become a blogger or how to start your vlog – then this is the material for you.

So, the first news is good. Now is the ideal time for the video editor to start your blog. So to say, the threshold for entering the market is very low. To start a channel on YouTube, a smartphone with a good camera is enough for a video maker. At the initial stage, you do not need to invest in expensive equipment – video cameras, cameras, lighting devices, microphones.

It is important to choose the right platform for your channel. There are hundreds of them, but the most popular is YouTube. It is YouTube that has a viewing audience of 1 billion-plus people. In other words, in theory, every third Internet user on the planet can watch your video clip. If you are interested in how to register on youtube, then this is an easy, understandable, and free operation. All you need is an account on Google. Everything is easy to understand by going to: youtube.com. Just think up a name in advance – a nickname that your future fans will easily remember. Then – click the Create Channel button – and you’re done!

The ubiquity of YouTube, on the one hand, is an advantage, because not one television channel on the planet has such coverage. On the other hand, a disadvantage. After all, terabytes of video in the south tube are toughly competing. Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to this global network. And what exactly would your video really succeed in raising to the top of YouTube in your country – you have to try hard! The basic rule is that the video should be beautifully shot and properly mounted. 

Having come up with the topic and the “trick” of your future vlog, you can shoot. Then you need to mount the captured material, add music, graphics and upload the video to your channel. By the way, the search for ideas for a personal blog, the choice of topics is the most important and crucial stage for a beginner blogger. After all, the popularity of the video channel in the future depends on the content. The most popular reviews of various products, the passage of video games, “tutorials” and trainings. 

You can run video advertisement on youtube. To do so its a better idea to hire cinematographers. However, all this is possible only with a large number of subscribers and the high popularity of the channel. And here, in addition to high-quality content, you will need a recognizable design, channel logo, subtitle description of the video. But the main thing is a stable release schedule for your videos and a script that the audience understands – for example, click “upload video” once a week. Ideally, before starting the channel, install Final Cut pro or Adobe Premiere Pro and practice a few clips in advance. You can watch online editing lessons and practice to enhance your understanding.

Also, do not borrow video from other operators, television channels, production studios or film companies – because its owners can complain about you, and the YouTube network will simply block your video and your channel may suspend as well.

Be sure to communicate with your subscribers, respond to comments and listen to their comments on the quality of editing, color correction, video graphics and video shooting. Be sure to study who your viewer is, from whom your audience is formed and how its interests and preferences change. Do not forget to popularize your YouTube channel in social networks – for example, Facebook or Instagram.

It is also important to constantly improve the quality of the video – follow the trends in editing, apply fashion techniques online, use the entire palette of capabilities of the Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro editing programs. 

consistently upload videos and with time your skill will improve.

Hopefully you got some basic idea on ‘How to create your own blog on Youtube’.

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