Li Sol Zhu

What North Korea’s First Lady Looks Like Today

Wife of Kim Jong-un is seen in public after a long absence.

Kim Jong-un (left) and his wife, as well as Moon Jae-in (president of South Korea) with his wife.

Kim Jong-un knows how to make a strong impression. When, the North Korean leader went to the resort region of Mount Kymgan, and quite unexpectedly, the country’s first lady was spotted next to him. At the same time, Lee Sol Zhu was not officially on the list of accompanying persons.

Li Sol Zhu rarely appears in public, and in the past many months she has not attended official events, which provoked rumors about the pregnancy of the first lady of North Korea. At the same time, the country’s official media did not comment on the situation. However, judging by Lee’s new photo, Kim Jong-un’s wife is currently not pregnant. Although the 32-year-old first lady is captured in a voluminous black outfit in the picture, and her figure is difficult to see in detail because of the huge stone in the foreground, upon careful examination, you can notice that Lee still has signs of an interesting position,

At the same time, many observers drew attention to a curious moment: Sol Zhu is not on the official list of Chen Un’s accompanying people on the trip. But on the list, Kim Yo Chen is mentioned – the sister king jong-un who, it seems, has been replacing Lee at official events since July.

Little is known about the first lady of North Korea. It is assumed that Kim was married to Sol Zhu in 2009, and now the couple has three children. Basketball player Dennis Rodman, who maintains friendly relations with Chen Un, said in 2013 that he had seen one of Kim’s heirs, a daughter named Kim Zhu E. Most likely, Zhu E was already 6 years old. The gender and age of the other heirs are unknown.

Lee Sol Joo, Kim Jong-un, Moon Jae-in, and Kim Jong-suk in North Korea, September 20, 2018

As specified, the first lady of North Korea began to appear with her husband at official events since 2017 bout once a month. The last time she attended the summit was with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and her husband on June 20 and 21, so Li’s absence could not go unnoticed for 4 months.


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