The founder of Tesla announced the good news on his Twitter – he and his lover, singer Grimes, became parents. We tell what is known about the heir to the inventor and show the first photos of the baby, which the proud father has already shared.

48-year-old Ilon and 32-year-old Grimes (the real name of the star is Claire Boucher) met not at a glamorous Hollywood party, as you might expect, but in the comments under a post on Twitter. A mutually interesting dialogue became the occasion for the first date, which turned into a novel

Despite the fact that Musk does not like to talk about his personal life, preferring not to publicize on relationships, he did not hide his sweetheart – the couple first appeared together in May 2018, appearing on the red carpet of the Costume Institute Ball. Since then, Elon Musk and Grimes have been under the scrutiny of the public and the media, who have repeatedly “divorced” the lovers, noting that they unsubscribed from each other on social networks and have not appeared together in public for a long time.

However, in January 2020, it became clear why the couple had not gone anywhere for several months – Grimes announced in her  Instagram account that she was expecting a baby. The fact that this is not a rally was confirmed by the provocative photograph that the performer posted – the girl’s pregnancy was obvious in the picture. 

Journalists literally bombarded the businessman with questions about his sixth heir, but Musk chose not to comment on the upcoming addition to the family. For the first time, Ilon broke the silence on May 2, when he answered one of the subscribers that the child was born on Monday, May 4. And the billionaire did not deceive – today, a happy father with many children shared the good news on Twitter.

Musk did not keep up the intrigue and immediately informed the most important thing – he had a sixth son (he also brings up five children from his first marriage, and Grimes became a mother for the first time). According to the man, mom and baby are doing well. In addition, Elon decided not to delay the heir’s first shots and immediately shared them – one of the shots shows a close-up of a newborn boy himself, on the other, a proud father poses with a baby in his arms. 

By the way, Elon also answered the question about the name of the child: a businessman and an inventor wrote that his son would be called …  X Æ A-12 Musk. Let’s hope that this is just another original joke of the Mask, but it is possible that there is some truth in it.


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