Tourism, as before, will no longer be

Now the world is entering a new phase of cross-border tourism, where absolutely everything will be reviewed.


Tourism with an eye on healthcare.

First of all, borders will not be open to all countries. You definitely should not expect that the borders will open developed countries for guests from third countries of the world.

States will begin to look at statistics by country, and where medicine is well developed, and problems are dealt with quickly, those tourists will be more willing to start up.

Travel insurance.

Insurance going abroad will definitely increase in price. Slightly, but an extra charge will be added for possible “imported” problems.

Price for a tourist’s vacation.

The first year, even if the borders of some countries, where the share of budget replenishment from tourism is strong, are open, vacation prices will be 30-50% cheaper than they were before. Well-fed years have passed, and now tourist countries will be glad to at least some tourist flow.

Tourists will avoid countries with undeveloped medicine.

For example, now it is unlikely that one of the compatriots will say that he wants to be in an Italian or American clinic. The choice of a tour in the future will be with an eye to the health care of the country of destination.

India will be preferred because of its supply of medicine to U.S.A

Travel “souvenirs”.

If earlier, a Russian tourist, traveling to the EU zone, could make good money on the import of some “packs”, and on the way back grab jamon and parmesan, now it will be profitable to bring and give to “his” the same masks. After the decline in demand, people will buy and bring mask for selling i guess as its cheap and negligible weight.


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