Physically active people, constantly maintaining muscles in good shape, manage to organically weave workouts into their lives. Classes in the fitness club give them pleasure and joy, help to cope with pressing problems, serve as a source of strength necessary for the main activity.

It is easier for beginners to adapt, having received some theoretical training. It was established that for the proper selection of the diet, the system of physical activity and the time for its implementation, one should take into account the physique, the features of which are inherent in the genotype. Bodybuilders prefer Sheldon’s classification, dividing people according to morphological characters into three categories:

  • Endomorphs are people with a slow metabolism, prone to fullness and losing weight with great difficulty.
  • Mesomorphs are proportional, looking, if desired, like real athletes. Looking ahead, we can say that their activity is almost equally effective at any time of the day.
  • Ectomorphs – they are characterized by thin, long arms and legs, thinness, sinewy, poorly muscular muscles.

However, in reality, all these signs are found in every person.

The timing of classes to a large extent also depends on the chronotype and type of higher nervous activity.


Most suitable for “larks” that can easily get out of bed, not a light or dawn. It is believed that early loads, especially on an empty stomach, are optimal for endomorphs, because in order to obtain the necessary energy, the body needs to intensively burn stored fats. And the increased metabolism persists for many hours.

Other benefits:

  • During classes in the fitness club, a charge of vivacity and strength for the whole day is acquired, a good mood, a willingness to master knowledge or perform labor exploits;
  • discipline is brought up. Practice has established that it is much easier to accustom yourself to play sports in the morning than after a busy day;
  • if you prefer to go out, you can enjoy the clean fresh air, low population, lack of distractions;
  • rested during the night, the body is ready to work at full strength. Morning is the best time to lose weight.


  • the person has not yet fully woken up, the muscles are not warmed up, so the warm-up should be carried out completely and in accordance with all the rules;
  • before strength training, you must definitely eat tight, which will also take time;
  • Intense physical activity early in life can cause irresistible apathy and fatigue by the end of the day.


They are considered the most universal, suitable for people of any physique and chronotype. Group fitness programs conducted at this time can be attended by schoolchildren, students, adults with flexible working hours.


  • the upcoming lesson obliges you to have lunch, but does not allow you to overeat, which has a beneficial effect on the beauty of the figure;
  • by four in the afternoon the body temperature rises, the lungs function perfectly – these are optimal conditions for running, dancing , stretching, cycling, crossfit, aerobics and other group fitness programs involving intense physical activity;
  • physical activity excellently relieves stress experienced in the morning;
  • improved blood supply to the brain will allow you to continue to work fruitfully and cope with complex tasks;
  • At this time, endurance increases, which is important for weight training, and muscle mass builds better.


  • urgent cases that have suddenly arisen can disrupt the intended trip to the gym ;
  • if it happens during the lunch break, there may not be enough time to complete the entire planned complex.


Most suitable for ectomorphs and “owls” developing violent activity closer to sunset. And indeed, group fitness training sessions at that time collect the maximum number of participants. This is not surprising, because the most common work schedule of offices and institutions is from 9.00 to 18.00.


  • in the early evening, at 5-6 hours, weight training with weight training, requiring considerable endurance, as well as muscle pumping exercises are most productive;
  • after 19 hours, yoga, body flex, stretching, body & mind, etc. are preferable. They allow you to get rid of the stress accumulated over the day, relax. The exercises included in the complexes strengthen different muscle groups, form a beautiful posture, develop the flexibility that prolongs youth;
  • a person who ate 1.5–2 hours before a workout will not eat up before bedtime.


  • physical activity causes people with a labile nervous system to become agitated, preventing them from falling asleep for a long time. Therefore, the advice of qualified specialists is to finish classes before 22 hours, allocating time for calm. Only relaxation swimming is later advisable ;
  • not very organized people in a day may have several reasons that prevent them from visiting the gym after work. This is laziness, and a spoiled mood, and an invitation to meet friends, therefore, considerable willpower is required in order not to succumb to the temptation.


Few of the working people can afford group fitness training in the morning or in the evening in accordance with theoretical calculations, and there is no absolute connection between the time of classes and their fruits. Regularity, perseverance, desire, and attitude towards success are important. The body itself will tell you what it needs, and then you won’t have to torture it – the results will not be long in coming.

Whatever type of physical activity a person is fond of, the main goal should be to improve well-being, improve health, and improve the quality of life. In addition to the correct selection of exercises, balanced nutrition, sound sleep, good rest will help to achieve this.


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