Changing UPI Pin on apps like GooglePay, PhonePe and BHIM:-

India has taken a step towards becoming digital in the recent times. We can see that almost every citizen of India has access to make online payments on apps like PhonePe, BHIM, and GooglePay, etc. Not only this, even small vendors too have started the system of online payment.

Online payments can be too risky, so if you wish for betterment of your security to change your UPI Pin you are free to do so. Make sure that once you change your UPI Pin from one app, it affects other apps too and changes the UPI Pin from there for security purposes. So, whenever you change make sure the pin is familiar only to you and you remember it well.

Follow these steps one by one to change your UPI Pin in Google Pay’s app:

First step:

Firstly, open the app where you want to change the UPI Pin i.e. Google Pay

Second step:

After you have opened the app, go to your profile detail which is present on the top right corner of the app.

Third step:

Under the details of the profile section, click on the bank details option.

Fourth step:

When you click on the bank details, you get to see all the different names of the bank accounts which you have connected with online payment. Among them, select any one bank account whichever is of your choice.

Fifth step:

Once you select a bank account of your choice, you can find the payment method details box. In this box right at the top towards the right corner you can see that there are two dots present one above another. Just click on that.

Sixth step:

Amongst the displayed options select the one which says change UPI Pin.

Seventh step:

Now you will have to enter your old UPI Pin for security purpose and for verification.

Eighth step:

Lastly, just type your new UPI Pin and you are done!

Follow the steps which are mentioned below carefully one by one to change UPI Pin in BHIM App?

Step one:

Amongst all the online payment apps that you own, select the BHIM App on your phone.

Step two:

Once you have opened the app, now you need to select your profile. Your profile could be found on the bottom of the screen placed between the “Home” and “Transactions” menu.

Third Step :

Now under the profile details which are displayed on the screen, you can see all the bank accounts that you have with online payment.

Fourth Step:

Among the present bank accounts, select the one which you wish to change.

Fifth step:

Once you have selected the required bank account, you get a screen having various options like “Change UPI Pin”, “Send Money”, “Forgot UPI Pin” etc. Among these options click on the “CHANGE UPI PIN” option.

Sixth step:

Firstly you will have to enter your old UPI Pin number to verify then you can enter a new one to finally change the UPI Pin.

Now, To Change Your UPI Pin in PhonePe App follow the mentioned steps which are below:

Mostly for BHIM App and GooglePay App the steps were almost similar to each other. For changing the pin in PhonePe app the steps are a little different than earlier.

First Step:

Open the PhonePe App on your mobile which looks like below:

Second Step:

At the bottom of the screen some options will be available. Among the available options, click on the one which says “My Money” option. It is present between “Insurance” and “History” option.

Third Step:

Once you have clicked on the “My Money” open you get directed to a window which says investments and payments. Among these two you have to see the options present in the payments section.

Fourth Step:

In the Payments section, you will see an option which mentions the bank accounts.

Fifth Step:

Like earlier, in BHIM App and GooglePay app choose the required bank account that you want from the other linked accounts.

Sixth Step:

Once you have selected a bank account, you get to see the details of it under the name of “My Account”. Here you can see an option which says UPI PIN.

Seventh Step:

Towards the right of the UPI PIN, there are two options like reset and change.

Eight Step:

Once again you will have to type your old pin for the checking for security purpose.

Ninth Step:

Finally type the new UPI Pin of your wish and it will be changed.

We all need some Frequently Asked Questions, so that things get easier for us to understand. For the same purpose we have provided you with some FAQs to clear any of your doubts.


Question 1: What are digital payment apps and are they safe?

Answer- Digital Payment apps are those apps which help you in making an online payment for any purpose. Yes, all of these digital payment apps like GooglePay, PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm, etc are very safe and secure.

Question 2: Can there be fraud with payment?

Answer- Unless you provide with the details of your bank account and the PIN number you will not have to worry about anything so be careful with whom you share information with.

Question 3: Can we change our UPI Pin number given earlier?

Answer- Yes, just like any other password can be changed again you can also change your UPI Pin number. But, you need to be aware that you remember your old UPI Pin number for any security purpose.

Question 4: How to change my UPI Number?

To change your UPI Pin number in any app all you have to do is select the bank account and then change the pin.

Conclusion :-

We hope that all the above mentioned content with all the steps given were useful to you. Digital payments are very useful in our day-to-day lives so one must be aware of how it works to avoid any complications while using any of the digital payment apps. Thank you and do check out other posts too!

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