How to Delete your Google pay with Easy steps :-

In India, sending and receiving money via the internet has become common. Almost we are using this online method for transactions, as it is not just easy but also saves our precious time. These online transactions not only help in receiving and sending money but also we can use these while shopping, paying electricity bills, for recharges and many other like this. GooglePlay is one of all of them by which we can use our online transactions.

But guys our today’s topic is a little bit different. We are going to talk about some FAQ questions and some features of Google Pay, and also we are going to talk about how you can delete your Google pay account permanently. If you wanted to get all information please read this Article briefly and carefully so that you may get the correct information.

At first, we will talk about How to delete a Google pay account. then we will talk about Some FAQ questions about Google pay and some features of google pay.


Your first step for this task is that you have to open the setting of your mobile phone. When you open setting in your mobile phones your next step is that you have to tap on the sign-out. This is for deleting your Google Pay account permanently from your Androids. Now follow all these bellow guidance:

  • Your main task is you just have to Open you Google Pay.
  • Enter your pin to open your account properly.
  • Next, tap on the profile which you can see on the right side top corner of you dashboard.
  • Now click on the setting option.
  •  From setting tap on the sign out.

That’s it by doing these you can easily delete your Google Pay account permanently. Now let’s discuss all these above points for deleting the account briefly in dept.

Steps to be followed for Deleting Google Pay account permanently :-

Now we will cover all the above-mentioned points deeply to clear you everything about this topic so that you can easily delete your Google Pay account without any confusion.

  • Open you Google Pay Account in you Android

The first point that we had mentioned above is to open your GooglePay Account on your Mobile phone. So guys you just have to do this first and nothing else before that okay.

  • Enter your pin to open you account properly

The next thing you have to do is you have to simply enter your pin that had created while making your new Google Pay account for privacy.

  • Tap on the profile from you dashboard

Tap on the profile which you can easily see on the top of the left side corner of the dashboard. This will be your next step for deleting your Google Pay account permanently.

  • Click on the Setting option from the profile

After you have to tap on the profile you may see some options in it. And from these options, you have to click on the setting option to delete your account permanently.

  • Final step click on the option of Sign Out

Now, this going to be your final step. In this step, you just have to click on the sign-out option from your setting. When you sign out from your Google Pay account delete the Google Pay app from your mobile phone.

Finally guys you can delete your account easily without any kind of confusion.

Now we will talk about some Features of Googlepay

What are the features of Google pay ?

  • Google pay app is a free transaction app made my GOOGLE LLC. you can download easily from Google play store and also it is available in Apple store.
  • When using Google Pay, customers don’t have to pay extra transaction fees.
  • With Google Pay on their mobile devices, customers can tap and pay in stores quickly.
  • Customers making purchases with Google Pay pay no additional fees to merchants.
  • Google pay is more secured.


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FAQ :-

Q1. If I delete my Google Pay account, what will happen?

Ans. By closing your Google payments profile, you will be unable to: Buy items from Google Play, AdWords, and other Google products.

Q2. Is it easy to delete Google pay account ?

Ans. yes, it is easy to delete your Google pay account.

Q3. Is google pay is Safe ?

Ans. Yes, Google Pay transactions are secure since all payment information is kept on secure servers.

Q4. Is it possible to remove Google Pay activities?

Ans. In ‘All products’, select ‘Google Pay’. Tap on the ‘Delete’ option and click ‘Ok’ when the pop-up appears. Furthermore, you will see a pop-up asking ‘Delete Google Pay activity?’. Then click on the Delete option.

Q5. What is the process for removing my bank details from Google PAY?

Ans. simply you have to follow these easy steps in below

  • Open your Google pay app on your Mobile phone.
  • Tap your photo at the top right. then you will find your Bank account there.
  • You can delete an account by tapping on it.
  • By click on remove account, you can easily remove your account.

Conclusion :-

So friends our this article is all about how to delete your Google Pay account permanently from your mobile phone. If you properly follow these steps which we have mentioned in this article you can easily able to delete your Google pay account permanently. We hope that we succeed in this task and this Article will become informative and useful for all of you.

Instead of this if guys have any doubt you can leave a comment in the comment box and we will give you solutions to all your problems.

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