Vivo is a Chinese electronics brand created in 2009 by Shen Wei. Vivo phones are mid-range smartphones and are known for their great camera quality and excellent sound. A variety of exciting features and apps are available on Vivo phones. in this article, we will discuss how to hide apps in vivo phones. Basically, it is an in-built feature that was provided by Vivo.

In addition to hiding apps from the home screen, most smartphones also have a feature for hiding apps. The majority of smartphones in China lack a drawer for applications. Vivo mobiles store all their apps on the home screens, just like iOS devices.

During times when you may not need many of the apps, especially those which are often used for additional configurations, this results in a lot of clutter.

This simple guide shows you how to hide apps in Vivo phones in case you wish to declutter your home screen or want to hide them for any other reason.

Here are the instructions For Funtouch OS 3.0

Step 1: According to the Vivo user’s manual, long-press a blank space on the Vivo Home screen.

Step 2: You can also set a password during this step, so when the device tries to unhide an app, a password will be required. Set up the ‘Hide icon’ password with the same privacy password.

Step 3: To hide apps, slide them downwards.

These are the steps for hiding apps in Funtouch OS 3.0

For Funtouch OS 2.6 and lower versions

Step 1: From your Vivo Home screen, touch the ‘menu’ capacitive touch key (located on the left side of the home key

Step 2: Step 2: You will see two options – ‘Widgets’ and ‘Hide icon’. From the right-hand side of the screen, select ‘Hide icon’.

Step 3: On your Vivo mobile phone, you’ll be able to see everything you’ve installed. Select the apps you wish to hide, and they will be removed from the list.

These are the steps for hiding apps in Funtouch OS 2.6 and lower versions.

How can I restore the hidden apps to the application screen?

Apps can also be restored to the home screen with ease. The same steps as above will enable you to see all the apps that are currently not visible on the main screen. Tap the icons to deselect.

*Note: A few Vivo mobiles, including the V5S and V5 Plus, are still equipped with the ‘Hide icons’ feature. But All Funtouch OS versions above the 3.1 version have this feature disabled.

Why should you hide apps on Vivo phones?

Vivo mobile devices have app icons that are simply shortcuts to the actual apps. Hitting the back button will not uninstall any apps or delete your data. If you hide these apps, they will no longer appear on your home screen but will continue to perform their functions in the background, if and when necessary.

What if it’s not supported by your Vivo phone?

Since the ‘Hide icon’ feature is not available on all Vivo devices, users may instead use the app encryption feature. Most Vivo mobile phones have this feature.

Steps to follow :

Go to your phone settings and tap on ‘Settings’. Select ‘Privacy’ – then choose ‘App encryption’ and set a password.

*Note: App encryption doesn’t hide apps, but it prevents them from being opened by others.

For future use, you can repeat these steps and click on ‘Disable privacy password’ to disable app encryption. Just enter your password and you’re done.

By Using a third-party app, how to hide apps in Vivo smartphone ?

Until now, we have known all the ways Vivo smartphones can hide apps using an inbuilt App Lock feature. You can use third-party apps if your Vivo phone does not support an App Lock feature. Apex Launcher is our recommendation for hiding apps on the Vivo smartphone. You can also hide the required app from your home screen using the app. You must follow the given procedure carefully in order to accomplish this.

Step 1: 1) First, Go to Google Play and install Apex Launcher.

Step 2: Install the app, then customize your home screen.

Step 3: Next, set the Apex Launcher App as a default app. Also, you need to make sure you are not buying the Premium version of the app.

Step 4: From the customized home screen, go to Apex Settings.

Step 5: Select the Hidden Apps option

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-35.png

Step 6: Select the apps that you want hidden from your customized home screen by clicking the option.

Prior to suggesting you use the app, we reviewed it and personally tested it. The Hidden apps will appear again on your home screen if you delete the Apex Launcher app, even if they’re just hidden from the customizable home screen.

Apex Launcher is a really great and awesome app. Through this Application, we can easily customize our home screens the way we want. On the Play Store, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times with an overall rating of 4.3/5.

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Conclusion :

We have provided detailed information about “How to Hide Apps in Vivo smartphones” in this blog post.

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