Hello guys and welcome to our blog. I’m going to take a closer look at the new event from Free Fire titled Gift Of Light in this post.

The majority of the players of free fire eagerly awaited this event, by the way, this event is great. During this event, you will be able to view some of the best rare bundles and permanent gun skins. Unlike other events, this one requires a higher amount of diamonds.

Diwali festival is currently going on in Free Fire with tons of new events and skins in the game celebrating the festival. One of the latest events that have been added to Free Fire is the Gift Of Light event. With the Gift Of Light event, the grand prize will be a Streets bundle with an M1887 Hand of Hope skin, along with many other bundles and skins.

Check out this Gift Of Light Free Fire event to get premium bundles and legendary gun skins.

Free Fire Gift Of Light Event

Event duration: November 3 to November 9

During the event, you will have the opportunity to choose between two lucky spins, one spin will give you a random bundle and one spin will give you a random weapon skin.

There are 2 spins in the event.

It will cost you 199 Diamonds for each spin that you make. If you do not want to spend that much money, you can also spin five times for 899 Diamonds. By doing so, you are guaranteed to get a legendary gun skin or premium bundle. The better offer here is obviously this one, so whenever possible, try to utilize this option.

You will be guaranteed to get 1 premium bundle if you use the 5x spin.

A token will also be given to you for each spin you make in the event. The tokens you receive from this event can be exchanged for rewards in the Exchange store. You will receive two event tokens rather than one if you roll into a bundle or weapon skin you already own. In the event of duplicate premium bundles/legendary weapon skins, 5 event tokens will be issued.

You can exchange event tokens for rewards in the Exchange Store in the event.

The majority of items in the exchange store cost 40 event tokens, except for the Streets Bundle, the Zombified Samurai bundle, and the M1887 Hand Of Hope, which cost 50 event tokens.

I think that even though this event costs quite a lot of Diamonds, it is a very good opportunity for you to invest your Diamonds, as you are guaranteed to receive some really good bundles and skins.


  • Break Dancer Bundle
  • Zombie Samurai Bundle
  • K.O. Night Bundle
  • Azure Stormbringer Bundle
  • Cyber Bunny Bundle
  • Dreamy Club Bundle
  • Plague Phantom Bundle
  • Stereo NoiseMaker Bundle
  • Flashing Spade Bundle
  • Blazing Heart Bundle
  • Airspeed Ace Bundle
  • Superstar weekend bundle
  • The Weekend Runner Bundle
  • Dr. Sanity Bundle
  • Griffin Bundle
  • Street thug bundle and many more.


Thank you for your interest in this post, and I hope this event was enjoyable for you. As well, this event has some pros and cons. I think it takes too many diamonds. On the other hand, it also contains some of the best rare items.

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