Catfight and fallout are nothing new among celebs. All such splits, fights, whether professional or personal, always attract attention and make headlines because fans just like to discuss and read them. The decline between Nayantara and Trisha-Do among the South Indian actresses also gained considerable limelight. The breakup occurred due to speculation and rumors, ranging from calling it a catfight due to professional issues and competition, to the end of a good friendship. More than a decade later, fans still speculate about the incident.

Trisha signs a film for which Nayantara had earlier asked

In 2008, when the news first hit media estimates, there was an indication that there was a relationship between the two friends as Trisha was expected to meet Nayantara. According to a source, both Trisha and Nayantara were asked for a Tamil film Kuruvi, which eventually went to Trisha. This is the reason that things between the two actresses got sour.

Trisha, however, denied the news, saying the decline was not due to professional reasons. Rather he said that it was due to a personal nature and was due to some mutual friends. It is no longer clear that the mutual friend was a man with whom the two actresses had to cohabit, however, the mutual friend actually succeeded in breaking a good bond between these two actresses.

When rumors about the crack became the talk of the town, Trisha decided to come out in the open and address the issue. The actress added, “Nayan has been in the industry for the donkey years, to be precise for over a decade. I think most of the issues Nayan and I were created by the media. Yes, we had a slight downfall but it was not professional. It was personal and due to some mutual friends of ours. We did not talk for some time, but we never fought.

Trisha talks with Nayantara

After some time Nayantara came out with a statement supporting Trisha’s remarks. The actress said that she had a misunderstanding with Trisha and the two actresses did not talk to each other for long. According to Lady Superstar, it was Trisha who initiated the dialogue between them and she is extremely grateful to her.

Nayantara said, “What else is needed when she tries to come to talk to me?” I have to give it to her and I commend her for starting the conversation. “


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